Saturday, September 8, 2012

1st Successful *not really* Potty Time!

Yay! Here's my first ever successful potty training post update.

Conner finally went tee-tee in the potty, er...the floor. He was actually sitting on his potty while reading a book. I guess I should have expected that first time he will have a miss-the-pot-party event. He was wearing one sock on, so that got soaked & went into the wash.

 Anyway, like any good mama would, I gave him not one but two awesome stickers for his poster. He had color a poster a few weeks ago. It is now hanging on the back of the bathroom door. He admires his artwork every time we visited the loo. Yes, I said "loo" because it's cooler than typing "bathroom". haha!

**By the way, Conner is not in a full force serious potty training. I let him use it whenever he wants to. Or when he tells me that he is aware of his body needing to go by "pointing" to his diaper. Tonight, he pointed to his diaper and I asked him if he wanted to use the potty to which he said yes. :)

isn't he cute?
(Sorry, don't mind our dirty laundry. That actually went into the wash after potty time!)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Saying a little prayer

Last night, we asked Conner if he wanted to pray to which he said yes. So he "officially" prayed on his own. "Thank you, mama, dada, papa, mimi, and dog. Amen!" :D Yay! I'm such a proud mama!

He is already learning his 2nd verse. "Be holy for I am holy" 1 Peter 1:16.

Today, he was in a cuddling mood. LOVE! He also learned how to play "Simon says" with Mickey Mouse. It was adorable to watch him touch his nose and toes with Mickey. He also decided to jump off the couch onto a bean bag. A couple of times. Ek! I have a little daredevil. :) That's ok though...maybe one day he will ask me to go sky diving with him when he hits 18. I would definitely go! :D

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Teaching Our Child To Pray

   2 weeks ago, BG and I decided to go ahead and start a children's bible devotions with Conner before bedtimes. It was hard at first because it wasn't like the regular jump-on-the-bed-giggle-times. It was more of getting into a deep talk about the story or a picture that we are focusing on. After about a week, Conner began to look forward to our devotion time. He knew which book we used. He was much calmer, focus and receptive to what we said about the bible stories. He started to recognized who Jesus is in the pictures. I knew that we have a long ways to go before he will understand who God is. He does not appear to us like we can see our dog or our car for example. Unless God chooses to appear to Conner's visible eyes, it will take a lot of explaining that He is always with us & loves us.

   After our every devotions, we close with a prayer. We thank God for a wonderful day, for family, get the idea. Well, at first I felt guilty for not follow-up with teaching him to pray beside at the dinner table. He signed "food" every time we prayed. Yes, he prayed for food during our prayer time even though there's no food. Now, I want a snack. haha! Yes, of course, we thank God for the yummy food we had eaten today. Now, he signs "thank you", "bed" (for goodnight sleep), "mama, dada, Mimi, papa" and his favorite "AMEN". Haha! It's so sweet to watch my son watching his daddy praying for us. He was so observant of how we pray and worship God. I really hope that this new ground will be something that he will want to walk on for the rest of his life.

   Oh one more thing, after our trip to Chattanooga, we decided that it's never too early for Conner to start his memory verses. Due to close friends being a great example, we wanted to follow because we saw the joy the kids had in telling their memory verses to us. So last Monday, Conner's first memory verse is "Lord, teach us to pray", Luke 11:1. He was able to sign the verse (with our help) to Mimi tonight, "Lord, teach me pray". He had a giggle & a shy smile, he twirled while signing "Lord". I don't know where he got that idea. It's still pretty cute! haha! What a sweet moment for him! That small memory thing is so important to him as a child (and as a spiritual child).
Thank you Lord for teaching our son to pray and to memorize your word!

found this picture of a painting. It made me think of my son. :)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Our Son's First Puketastic :/

UGH! BG and I experienced our first puketastic trip with our son. We were on the way home from a wonderful weekend trip to Chattanooga. Conner got carsick at the last hour & a half. We had to pull over 2 or 3 times to clean him up. Oh the poor thing! He had no idea why he was making such a big mess. We ran out of wipes. Not fun! So we bear it in and drove the rest of the trip home (40 minutes) with puke still on him. Even though, I wipe some off it's still gross. So nasty but you gotta do what you gotta do. Finally, we gave him a bath...twice. Right before he went to bed, he decided to puke all over me. Yay...not! That was the last of his sickness. Just when he got better, it was my turn. I think there's a stomach bug going on. My dad has it now. And it's awful! I don't ever remember being this sick both in stomach and potty problems. Sorry for the TMI. Although, my hubby is amazing! He was willing to help me out with whatever I needed. He stayed home from work the next day to chase a toddler and went to bed late. He is a wonderful man. He works 12 hours a day and still tries to put in family time. I love my sweetie!

on the plus side...BG got me a new Tobymac cd! I am now finally listening to it after not wearing my CI for a couple of days. I mean who wants to hear the world while you're sick. Not me. :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Friday night, we had a big thunderstorm heading out way. We realized this was the first time that Conner was aware of it. We were playing in my bedroom after a story time. When suddenly he heard a thunder rolling. I didn't hear it because it wasn't loud enough for me to feel it. BG was there. He screamed and cried whenever he heard the thunder rolling nearby. He ran to daddy for safely. Who doesn't want a daddy to feel safe in his big arms. So sweet! Poor thing, this lil' guy took awhile to get used to the storm. It was so new to him. We never had problems in the past until now. We tried to help Conner by being excited about hearing the thunder after we watched some lightnings going off. We taught him to be aware that when lighting comes, thunder will come after it. Conner felt much better and soon got used to it. Although, as a mommy, I did really like cuddling with him under a freshly washed, warm, big & soft blanket on the couch. I love nights like this! Pretty soon, we can have game night and hot cocoa by the candle lights! ;)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

You Are YOU!

Conner, oh boy! You have grown so much in the last few weeks. You ate spicy peanuts! I know for sure that you have my similar tastes for spicy food. You recently got a toddler's basketball hoop which we got on sale for $15! Whoohoo! You loved it! Playing with cars is one of your favorite things to do too. You would make a "vroooming" car noise and push a car around the couch. Wrestle is one of another favorite pass time. You seem to always have the need to wrestle between 5 to 7pm haha! You are still trying to learn how to jump and how to speak some words. You have been doing a really good job of trying to imitate our voices to speak a word or two. :) So what else is new? You are growing out of size 24 months clothes and moving on to 2T. Yikes!! Only 3 more months until you're two. I can't believe you are going to be TWO! Just the other day, you crawled up into my lap and looked at my face then kissed my forehead. You are so sweet, loving and kind. You still have that spunky, funny & strong personality. You are YOU!

Love mommy!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Hot Weather!

Today is HOT HOT HOT! The temperature had already gone up to 102 degree here in Northeast GA. If that's not hot enough to melt, tomorrow is gonna be 108 degree. YIKES! I don't ever remember Georgia being that hot in June. I hope everyone will stay hydrated and cool from the sun. Don't forget water & sunblock, even if you're just going to the store.

Be thankful if you have access to water! :)

Keep those sunburn away!

Now, updates on my lil' bug! We can't forget about him right? :) He is still a very curious and loving boy. He loves to taste the fresh veggies from Mimi & Papa's garden. We picked some tomato, green bell peppers, zucchini, spinach, also some blueberries. Conner learned how to pick a blueberry  off the bush. Sometimes, if we're walking the dog, he would stop by the bush and eat the blue ones. Such a smarty pant! I noticed that he prefers raw food than processed food (like cheese puff, et). I guess I should be happy, right? He really LOVES hummus. I used to dislike those until my mom had me tried the Sabra's roasted red pepper hummus. It's the best! It’s so full of good protein. It’s good for those lil' picky eater who doesn't like meat. There's never a quiet time for me to have snack on hummus and pita bread without having Conner come running to me and hog on my dip. Unless he is napping...hey that's a good idea. haha!

So good! Try it with fresh raw veggies or pita chips.
Lots of green bell peppers!

Eating his first fresh picked tomato! (notice the dirt on his forearm...such a boy!)

What a big zucchini!

My first batch of spinach...probably the only batch because the plant is dying in this heat.

So guess what? 4 more days until our family vacation to Michigan!! All I can think of is the commerical for Pure Michigan. haha! We're gonna stay with BG's family over 4th of the July week. Fireworks, bonfire, ice cream, watermelon, and BEACH is on the top of my Summer vacation list. As BG's list is golf. haha! I'm so exciting because this will be my first Green's trip in the Summer time where's it's going to be WARM! Usually, when I visit Michigan, I have to wear my jacket/coat/sweater at some point. ;) Maybe this time I don't need it. I'll let it collet dust over the weekend for all I care. ha!

Tim Allen...where are you? :)

I know that Conner is going to have a lot of fun playing with his nephews and niece, especially on their 5 acres land. So many "boy" adventures are waiting to be explored! I will be sure to take lots of pictures and blog about it when I get back. Stay tuned!